Minecraft Pixelmon – “Spoopy Sumo Time!” – Episode 8

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Minecraft Pixelmon with L8Games!
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Welcome to Minecraft Pixelmon! Pixelmon is POKEMON in MINECRAFT!! 😃

In this AWESOME series, Nick and Jordan will explore an AMAZING NEW WORLD…FULL of Pokemon! 💚 💙

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🡆 Outro Music:
∇ Rameses B
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Kev Dev says:

Are you ready to RUmBlEeeEEeeEeEee

Panda Games says:

Do more bed WArs PLEASE!

Davidson Zaorh says:

Drifbilm should be called ballon

Earl prime Militante says:

J0RD4444N or maybe N111111CKKKKKK G3T 4 LuC4R10 1TS 0P 1 TR41n3D Really hard and it was awesome and also if you do use a lucario name it Aura

Jalen Sariman says:

Should have named a owl pixelmon hoodini (hoodoo dini )

Dominic Contreras says:


Richard Davis says:


Ro cky says:

L8games make a group for roblox and give robux but not too much

XL Leng says:

So nick just basically caught a legendary Pokémon

XL Leng says:

Nick Jordan Beldums catch rate is a legendary Pokémon catch rate duhhh that’s why it’s hard to catch beldum

Torre Davis says:

Beldum has legendary Catch rate

Madelyn Gamer says:

Why spoopy its febuary

Phil Manisco says:

I'm early by 135 people 😀

Bng7677 Bng says:

nick and jordan you should get pokemon with false swipe

ThePlatonicPig says:

Name the mesa Beldum’s Mesa
(*I don’t know*)

freddyparrafrog says:

Use da camera plaz

Danielle Umbrio says:

Jordan should get a vulpix

jeremiah mound says:

Name gengar spooker

Nicole Edge says:

deer FaceCam I want to know what your face looks like

Jennifer Pace says:

Salmon intro cool

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