Minecraft Pixelmon – “The Rolling Rematch!” – Episode 6

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Welcome to Minecraft Pixelmon! Pixelmon is POKEMON in MINECRAFT!! 😃

In this AWESOME series, Nick and Jordan will explore an AMAZING NEW WORLD…FULL of Pokemon! 💚 💙

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∇ Rameses B
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pokemonmaster 09 says:

Name charizard my mixtape

rockit boy Alleyne says:

Name him master spoon

Alejandro Marquez says:

I have 4 baby pigs in my ranch in mexico

galaxy gamer says:

my  principle kissed a donkey and you are the best plz reply

The8-BitKing says:

name charizard Fredrick

The8-BitKing says:

Jordan is the best singer ever

The Happy Igloo says:

Name chamander Poopster

TheBaconD ! says:

You should've made Bro a slowking

Ambroz Zabukovnik says:

Next episode?

Joey Leveille says:

i watched the chocolate croissant 8 times <img src="http://tiphero.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/20-Minute-Chocolate-Croissants.jpg" alt="Image result for croissant chocolate"/>

Joey Leveille says:

When i was little i ate dog food

Jake H says:

Name manaphy manatree because you found the plant that looks like it XD

Steven Stotler says:

Jordan catch a Ralts an get a mega Gallade

Steven Stotler says:

Name charmelion Fire God

Owen Geysels says:

name your charizard toaster

Gabriel Ocasio says:

Name charmeleon char char.And manphy dasher

Duc Anh says:

Nick name your Charizard "Igneel" the fire dragon king

Arslan Hamid says:

Jordan is poopster

Arslan Hamid says:

name him charizard drake or draco and manaphy L8Aqua

fla re says:

how about nick jr

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