Minecraft: Redstone Ore Lamps (Always Lit) Tutorial

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Minecraft Tutorial Playlist ► http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEB388783144C45A8
A simple way to keep redstone ore active! Useful for particle effects, dim lighting and looking awsum!

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Levi Werner - Unexpectedly Random says:

Sweet! Didn't know that was possible! Definitely looking forward to incorporating it into my base. 🙂

The Bacon Master says:

Always LIT ??

Cronikeys says:

Nosy llamas make timelapses 100% better


Hey X I have a small tip for to avoid mobs getting in the way
You need to use the following commands in order:

/gamerule domobspawing false
/kill @e[type=!player]

The type=!player is not necessary but just avoids you killing yourself ~a tip from a fellow spoon

RoBro says:

That noisy lama made me laugh hahaha, wanted to be annoying and in the video. Little cute

thatdearguy says:

Will this keep a chunk loaded when the player goes offline?

Stupid Potato says:

That llama is my spirit animal xD

Chanticleer Guitarra says:

Wow this is so clever! Aromor stands REALLY changed the way people play with stuff in Minecraft!

Abyss2k says:

Yay another way to probably lag out yout world. Not that I dont like it, p cool

Wolfram Stahl says:

Do anvils update redstone ore blocks?

djAnakin says:

What's this map?

Grzegorz Zalewski says:

idk if that's interesting or unknown, but i disccovered yesterday that when u place fence next to path block, the fence will not connect

JsDays Alive says:

I always anted to know how to do this, thank you so much X

Jason D. says:

This plus a observer sounds like a new random redstone signal generator…

Time For Pancakes says:

So cool how there's still little secret things being found out about the game mechanics. Granted, almost certainly not intentional on the part of the developers, but neat nonetheless.

AshnSilvercorp says:

what do you mean not made by Sethbling?


DiamondKing1448 says:

Man how do people think of these awesome things!

MrMcArrow YT says:

I wish he would upload 2 times instead of 2 times

Hessel Sieburgh says:

This shit LIIITT!

UrNan25 says:

Not very relevant for this video, but I'd love to see a starbound series on the channel. Like if you agree.

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