Minecraft Server: Mini Kingdoms // Ep 01: WELCOME TO MY KINGDOM!

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Minecraft Server: Mini Kingdoms // Ep 01: WELCOME TO MY KINGDOM!

Welcome to a brand new series here on my channel, well not totally new! Since we’re working on so many brand new stuff for the server I felt it was time to restart this series and share with you all a new experience on Mini Kingdoms. Mini Kingdoms is a Fantasy RPG Towny server where you can create your very own Kingdom, join a friend’s or just explore the big wilderness whilst ranking up!

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Bts Are amazing says:

I can't come sorry

Kitten Mew says:

i love your videos and this is the first minecraft video of yours i am watching 😀 what texture pack do you use? I love it so much

qxeen. adamary says:

Am I the only who agrees she should make a server for Minecraft pocket edition

Wolf Key says:

Dog god backwards is dog goD

Faisal Ismaeel says:


Amvayy says:

Kaleidow! I'm so glad I met you, I didn't really talk to you but It was so cool being in the same server as you! 🙂

Dale Boudreau says:

Hi Kaleidow I just wanted to say that I just started playing MiniKingdoms some more because of you, I just subbed but I've been watching you for a while, and I wanted to tell you that I am Noah's younger brother and I want to tell that I just looked at your plot and your doing pretty good on the build. I wish I could build like you and Noah.

meor says:

Can I play minecraft at my phone to enter your mini kingdoms?

zara and sola besties says:

Please bring back pixel crossing i love it

McLuvinIt _ says:

Randomly found your channel again I used to be subbed and watch awhile ago. Good work still!!! I subbed again

Monamonswim says:

When is a new mlp let's play coming out? 🙂 Btw: ilysm hope u reply

naspa45 says:

Where can we download the texturepack?

Ally0808 says:

Oh its a Allycorn

Rose girly gamer says:

Awww your skins so cute!!!!

Christina Chip says:

Angie I live in Melbourne Australia too! I love you so much and I hope I can meet you one day! ❤️

Fennekin Princess says:

I tried to join but it said it was a outdated server. 🙁

Laura Dreemurr says:

I love This server❤️❤️ Also Kaleidow I would love to be at your live video but can you think about Being live at a time that everybody around the world can watch it

Sorry for my bad english Im dutch 💋😂

Melissa Vlogs says:

Can you post more sims 4 my little pony

Melissa Vlogs says:

Can you play mote sims

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