Minecraft Story Mode 10 (Funny Animation)

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Hilarious Parody of Episode 2.2 Giant Consequences. A powerful enemy arises in Beacontown and enslaves Jesse forcing him to complete some wacky challenges. His friendships are heavily tested so he has to make new alliances with other players and stuff. Meat Jack, Vos, Nurm, Radar, Stacy Plays, Stampy Cat, Icy Golem.

Oh yea, and theres a snow man.

Who did you ask to guard the clock?


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Produced by SmashBits Animations

Written by Dexter Manning

Exec. Producer Rick Jones

Casting and Mixing: Dexter Manning

Animated by:
Teh Crayz

Character Designs by:
Kevin Lordi


Special Thanks to our Patreon Patrons:
Alfread Khaneia
Justin Benavides
Isaac Harris
Zen Wallace
Trysten Rocchi
Deadman Studios
Michael Wadsworth


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SmashBits Animations says:

Sorry for the re-upload. Had an audio issue.

Don't forget to watch BENDY and the INK Machine Ep 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vtNPNe6hqc

Jakub Zjawiony says:

Jesse Are you Okay? Jesse: Uh.. MAH D!CK FELL OFF! 2:29

Selinna Mcsm Loc says:

OMG!! JETRA is real?! 5:28

Spicy Meme Man says:

Hurry and make more I want to see if Petra gets rid of her aids or has sex with someone

KoopaTroopa170 says:

and yet another new meme is born at 1:26

JoeCraftPH says:

What About Cuphead?

joyz cee says:

hey smashbits tipe in google [Age of war] and make it in to a animation and dont add bad words becuse its bad and all of you animations dont add bad words ok

Noel Christopher says:

Jesse is British wow

I Am Very Awesome says:


Silver Stryke2017 says:

R.I.P me
2017-2017 (didn’t wanna add my actual age)
Cause of death: died of laughter

Swaggirl BOI says:

Wait, I just realized that Petra looks like she doesn’t have aids anymore………

AquaCipher13 says:

Not going to lie, Undertale Realistic, and this series kind of got worse.. I don't know if you've run out of ideas, or something, but things aren't funny, nor making sense. I'm hoping things go back to how they were before.


What the fuck

rhetters821 says:

Admin:teleportion jutsu


Sannylou Filicitas says:

Eat this 10x and how the way petsa got stomp by the admin lol

Sauce and Jason the two cats says:

When is 11 coming

Isaac Zackary says:

do one for fallout

Boyimcool53YT Gaming says:


Gaming and building with max says:

At 2:12 when your dad or mom doesn’t teach you how to shoot an arrow

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