Minecraft – Sweden [Remix]

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ArthurMegaHard Games says:

just a relaxing music

Tak Kilpi says:


Jk i be listen to qumu

Cubey _64 says:

Qumu we need to talk, this time I'll say it. EXCELLENT WORK! Anyway, you need to do Waluigi Pinball. It just needs to be done. Nuff said.

Cubey _64 says:

That moment when the red bar hits the second U in Qumu…

VGMelodies says:

Minecraft is one of my favorites, and I love so much of your music! You have some truly amazing work on here! Keep it up!

Supergaming Fun says:

Qumu please make a Super Mario Bros. remix! 😀

Rage Roonie says:

I could prolly use this to make me fall asleep easier at night, it's just a nice and relaxing song. Thanks for making a remix of it, man!

Nico Cañete says:

I'm just a suscriber, but could you make a remix of Flipnote Studio – Drawing Mario Song
someday please?

blabla kkk says:

Nostalgia is strong with this one
And im happy to see where you channel is going :3

Ian Moxley says:

I may not play minecraft often, but this is beutiful! just prooves that you can make multiple types of music. keep it up ^^

Derek Dincer says:

One of the neatest music channels I've seen.

BrievenBus says:

if been listening this for the hole day while playing terraria sounds weird but whatever.
Nice remix as always!

Aqua Marine says:

Could you do me a favor and listen to the Grassland theme from Yoshi's Safari. Not many people know it and I think if you listened to it you might be able to do something to fix that 🙂

Shingori Tokira says:

Minecraft is an excellent game, just the community has made it bad or "cringy" as some may call it. C418 is awesome at musical composition, and Qumu, you rock at remaking them 😀

IceowL67 says:

Ah, the memories of building structures for hours and hours.

Another great track from Qumu!

Cy Bolt says:

Hey. That's Pretty Good.

bren brobst says:

Oh boy I remember the days of the Xbox 360.. good times….
Nice video man

Cody Ruchian says:

Have you attempted a Greenhorn Forest remix?

Hi There says:

Don't like the game but like the music

TC says:

One word: YES.

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