Minecraft: THEA ACTUALLY HACKED MINECRAFT?! – Diversity 2 Episode 4

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Thea & Crainer - Minecraft says:

Thank you for watching the video #SavageSandwichSquad!

Here's another fun video of What is Minecraft incase you haven't seen it on the other channel yet!

V Struction says:

plz do more

OMGaming 203 says:

Crainer you are my second favorite YouTuber ever (sorry Thea is first) I had subscribed to you before you even hit 100,000 subs and subscribed to this channel before it had 10,000 subs I love you so much and you make the most awesome videos ever and I hope you never stop. Now the next part is for Thea so crainer of you are reading this show her the comment

Thea is a savage
She is the best
Better than crainer and ssundee
And all the rest

She's is amazing
at YouTube and life
And I'm sure one day
She will be an awesome wife

All of her subs
make the savage sandwich squad
She is the best person ever
She even could be a god

So what do we do
We click that little bell
Btw Thea
it's funny when you yell

So we share our hearts with you
I have definitely shared mine
And for all your other crushes you better get in line

Luv you guys from the bottom of my heart ❤️ you are the best and you have even inspired me to make my YouTube channel. If you want (not that it would ever probably happen but still…) Subscribe to me at OMGaming 203
Luv u Hope you get to 1 Mil thea


It's a ceiling not a roof

Marios Triantafyllou says:


EnderGamer Studios says:

Crainer I think you should move to the USA because I live in the USA and your intro I don't like your guyses entra do like Ssundee and Madeline by the way Maddie is hot

Snow Gaming Channel says:

thea's not a savage cause she always needs your help

WisdomYT/ ShalomYT says:

Theas voice is so cute

Justin Wilkie says:

She's a hacker and we all no it?

Huascar Prestol says:

You should make a throne for thea in crazy craft cause she is the savage queen. ?

Lainey Flynn says:

OMG!Crainers reading voice is his old Youtube Voice…So weird to hear it after all this time. 😀

Andrew Maged says:

crainer farts

EXPLODINGaming EX says:

Omg you didn't know that you can clime cautues

Shay Lola says:

Did you hack it

Moe Troy says:

Savage sandwiches!!!!!!!!

Lucasgamingstar says:

thea is such a savage she doesnt care she hacked

Jackie Geoffroy says:

Show thea creative mode

Johnray Pro says:

Its not really hack

Lily Mongelluzzi says:

I know im a little late but I just figured i'd let you know, Survival and adventure will most likely take you multiple episodes. The rest will probably be quicker. PS this is currently my favorite series ur doing on the channel! Please record it more often PPS you should also play the first diversity on your channel after you finish this map!!! PPPS Keep up the good work guys, your amazing, your uncle is amazing! And like so they can see.

Werticak 1 says:

wtf crainer stop with the clickbait man

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