Minecraft Theme (Chill Trap Remix)

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Minecraft Theme (Chill Trap Remix)
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Pfff cool…

Just Kaitlyn says:

I uselly don't like the in-game music on minecraft but this is pretty cool 😀

Fresh Remix says:

AAAAHHHHHH ok yes omg yes thank you this is so good yes thank you hell yessssssssss!!!!!

christian cano says:

i want this to play when im on minecraft

Malika Bouazza says:

i love minecraft on pc with this perfect remix

Cayden Brown says:

omygosh i wish they put this chill ansted of the other one????

Ninja says:

Someone has found out how to get kids spurm and cum

jallu luckiestdisc970 says:

Finaly great video

Bubby Cthulhu says:

Fucking love this lol haven't played minecraft in so long like if you remember the good old days

Cpt VAD 97 says:

this is why I still play minecraft

Prankmaster 89 says:

Nice video dude

Dietrich Jost says:

Sounds something like in like China or Asia

Crazyfireball 808 says:

well it looks like I'm playing Minecraft again

fadeking113 133 says:

No joke this sounds like a Chinese remix nor trying to be racist though

Its Hydra says:

when u finnally get the Redstone in the right place to finish the song.

The Dragon Queen says:

This is legit my chill zone in minecraft.?its so cool, and now my favorite song of Minecraft.?

william 1100 says:

This is the best remix I've ever heard

CosmicRH says:

This makes me feel good as a minecraft youtuber

Banana Industries says:

it sounds like Chinese Restaurant music

Gisela Paraiso says:

i love Minecraft but this brings ist all out.just swag?

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