Minecraft Tips And Tricks – TnT Minecart Nuke for Survival Mode & Creative Mode!

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Today tips and tricks is all about the TnT minecart glitch that we normally do in our videos towards the end of an episode (or beginning for bloopers aka breaking seto). Before 1.6, it was rather easy to do but dinnerbones changed the mechanics. However in this video we show you how to do it now in 1.6 AND in survival mode!

Thanks to Matt from Podcrash for helping come up with a survival design. GO SUBSCRIBE TO THEM!

The music comes from the in-game Minecraft soundtrack. If you would like to listen without having Minecraft playing, you can download it here: http://c418.bandcamp.com/album/minecraft-volume-alpha


Mercer Collins says:

These intro songs sound awsemer with beats

Ultragamer564 says:

setosorcerer sounds like AntVenom… Plus, great video! I used this in a
server mini game called Ambush!

Allen Johnston says:

i got first like

AlintheBAWS73 bruh says:


tosdude says:

At first when I looked at the date I was confused and thought “they didn’t
have these in 1.3!” And then I realised it was made in 2013 not 2012z 

TheBigbass317 says:

+bobmaniscool100 it ist a mod

Nic Bailey says:

Holy crap thanks for this I came up with such a op thing make a clock put 9
stacks of tnt minecarts in then turn on the clock it will rapid place like
a TON OF TNT minecarts then push it

Haris Kulosman says:

What pc do you use im new to your chanel btw

fruto76 says:

Probably has better sprint mod

MinecraftMusicLover says:


Crona Gorgon says:

yes, I’ve been waiting for this to come out, I was trying to play with tnt
and it didn’t work, thanks.

Fatima Alame says:

gongrats on 500,000 subscribers setoooooooooo yayyyy

Fawn Yama says:

He said he doesn’t want to do an irl just yet, maybe he would for a million

Dead Skit says:

time for a new intro

Fawn Yama says:

He said he doesn’t like being compaired to ant (or at least how people say
their voices are alike) *cough*they-are-not-alike*cough*

Lisa Elms says:

cool intro

Dylan Bruinsma says:


dabelsta. C says:

sun god prayer was great. huya huya HUYA WUYA!!

Austin Willis says:

you can mine mob spawners

DeadloxMU says:


Austin Chan says:

You only need one rail atchauly

Jesse Hardee says:

I think seto and other youtubers fly fast cuz they have Better Sprint Mod.
I think.

Maria Munoz says:


James Jones says:


James Pogue says:

Congrats on 500,000

John Carpio says:

If u hold r i think you go fast

ZzxxDJxxzZ says:


anisadale2003 says:

Congrats on 500, 000

Rebecca Saetern says:

Lol made a racing map


Congrats on 500k subs

Carrie Genova says:

Get injured ok

Boss Ninja says:

bodil disconnected from his server multiple times because of this trick

Trainkidd123 says:

It’s a fricking plug in for servers do u own a server idk but just saying

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sebastian gonzalez says:

!500k! Grats seto

Demo Scout says:

Glad your feeling better seto

AsianMinecrafter1254 says:


Samuel Schlief says:

Mini mod idea: Silk touch 2. Be able to mine and collect monster
spawners!!!! Please like so Seto can see

Alenmax Fernandez says:

Pod not pot

SirChickenification says:

It already does i believe

Allen Taylor says:

jk but really im going to sub to podcrash 🙂

nguyenjose3253 says:


shaneeboyce says:

Congrats on 500,000 subs

ivan galić says:

500K grats

Mr0Bob says:


MrPlatinumepic says:

Do impressions

jason says:

Congrats on 500k subscribers

The Dpowers says:

a mini mod where you can do it the old way! LIKE THIS PLEASE IT WOULD BE A

Austin Chan says:

I already learned it from the mudfish

Tri Huynh says:

Cool intro.

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