MINECRAFT TOP 10 BEST CREATIONS 2015 – Epic Cities and Buildings with Download 1.8.3 / 1.8 / 1.7

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Top 10 BEST Building creations for Minecraft 1.8
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Nodepirate 13 says:

O.o Wonderful

Nam sony says:

you are the minecraft master

Nam sony says:


Infernio_ Playz says:

I mean on the second place. :)

Infernio_ Playz says:

Wow amazing video! Good job!! My Favourite one was the second.

Sebastian Williams says:

does anyone want to help me build a zombies map on ps3? it looks pretty good already but I need help with it. if so then friend God-of-games-2 and leave a message on ps3.

Destiny Universe says:

What sont
G is that that you used in the vidio i really loke it ,

James Bond says:

What shader is use

max010113 says:

to be honest anything could look like a top best with shaders mod

Vescon1702 says:

WOW…i mean… WOOOOOOOOW!!!!!

Anime Forever: Daniel-kun says:

the song was nice,thumbs up!!!!

Tashawn Pinkney says:


Zakhar Kotenev says:

Is it me or there's 2 AC maps

JerenVids says:

Creator here! Thanks for upload :)

oakfur oakpaw says:

Show us how to download mcedit

SonOfAKing says:

I find the biggest problem with such large maps is they feel boring quickly. Usually there are not many details that make it interesting and real like seats…etc. And that aside when your playing it alone, its big empty and not exciting.

nickenzoo says:

Where is the download?!

HohoAvenue says:

i know you did something similar already, but could you please do a timed underwater house build challenge?? Thanks and I really love your house build challenges 🙂 please keep it up!!

Max Payne says:

2nd PS is it not copyright on these videos?

Feetuska says:

omg hax.

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