Minecraft Tutorial for Beginners! Part 1 – Your First Day, Shelter, and Tools

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Minecraft Let’s Play Series!: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5CF2D342C30459E5

This is a simple tutorial and guide to help beginner Minecraft players successfully create a shelter, tools and basically, survive your first day. Note: This is an older, outdated Alpha version of the game. While some of the tips are universal, other tips are exclusive to previous versions.

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vasco ribeiro says:

nice tutorial man ty 🙂

Tips and Craftybuilds says:

He made a fucking dirt house

Ximonplayz Minecraft says:

Wheres the hunger bar

Laimis Budrys says:

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Laimis Budrys says:

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Laimis Budrys says:

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Priscilla Maxwell says:

1) You grab wood
2) You craft shanks and sticks
3) You craft a crafting table
4) You craft a wooden pickaxe (the only wood tool you'll ever going to need)
5) You look for coal, and stone and mine them.
6) You build a stone pickaxe, sword, and shovel
7) You find iron and craft a furnace
8) You smelt iron, and look for more iron for armor
9) You smelt more iron, craft an iron helmet, boots, leggings, and chest plate

You do not need any other wooden tool than the original pickaxe, that is wasting wood, you don't need more iron pickaxes than you need to mine gold and diamond, those resources are finite and needs to be reserved (unless you grow trees well.

axelgamingofcoc2006 25 says:

This video was very useful for me and other people getting used to minecraft. Nice vid bro!??

David Torres says:

holy ? man this old now we have dual wield and shields and dragons XD

Ed Muise says:

How do i eat food please.

Tash Jones says:

? she does not have cancer

MasterPro 098 says:

oh god brings back memriose i play 0.7.0 on mcpe with my bro

Table Salt 123 says:

My first mc vid I saw

x says:

gr8 vidceoo m8 halp33d ,me ;la00t xD

MrDivision2019 says:

I remember when there are tutorial videos back in my days, we have to watch the whole video and build, but I still hate faction servers cause I quit Minecraft cause of that, but I still watch Minecraft old videos

missAnniething says:

older vesrsion

Sebastian Bagnall says:

im here looking at old minecraft videos 2017. idk why but it is interesting to see changes considering I remember playing this version in primary school….

Ren's Gaming Tube says:

He is a nooob

Grim Republic says:

Who is watching in 1993?

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