Minecraft Tutorials – 07 – How to Survive & Thrive (Windows & Fences)

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Tutorial for Minecraft Survival where I show how to enhance home security with glass windows and wooden fences.

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Michaelk12 kroll says:

so thats how you make windows & Fences BTW i like the video 🙂

1-up Gaming says:

Who else saw the skeleton at 7:54?

rawan montasser says:

hey please ….. the wooden fences don't work

rawan montasser says:

hey please ….. the wooden fences don't work

Divine says:

You lagged in your first few episodes. Did you upgrade you CPU?

Reggie Weems says:

U nerver build house

Cesar Rodriguz says:

wow alpha fences were cheap

mr.rishie VanGorder says:

let me guess a creeper will blow up your house and you will die survive& the blast:TRUE,FALSE.

mr.rishie VanGorder says:

I read that from my book

Heather Schreiber says:

What update is that?I love your videos!

Yenika Leyva says:

Did u have a gate at that time

CyberPug says:

The creeper at the beginning of the vid was like looking through your window and was like 'notice meh senpai pls' xD

bowser 358 says:

It's not Evan 2017 you lol

Paul Desjonqueres says:

who is watching in 2017

kilara na majki says:

this kreeper 0:25 is your youtube fan and he wants a autograph:DDDDDD

Michelle Daluz says:

Hey is anyone addicted to minecraft because I totally am

DaxSinKer says:

Who's watching in 2015? 😀

Archie says:

The cheaper at the start of the video Was like, "notice me senpai!"

Optima1Ki11erHK says:

creepers use ghost pro and ninja pro

Sophia Sokolova says:

Hey again Paul. Thank you for teach me how to craft glass and fences. Ill put glass on my house. It looks very, very weird! But its safety. And I build a little garden around my house. Its better when you got gate, but door works too! Thanks again!

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