Minecraft Tutorials – 17 – How to Survive & Thrive (Diamond & Jukebox)

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Tutorial for Minecraft. In this episode I head down to the caverns, grab some Diamond and show how to use it to craft a Jukebox. Then it’s back to the surface to get a Record from a Creeper. Sadly, I made a tactical error and then ran out of time! (hint: I got the Record in Part 18 though!)

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Sara Barker says:

Thank  you so  much for the videos.  They have helped my sister and I a lot.

i1a2159 says:

First time I ever saw Paul and ever even heard of minecraft

JohnLamountGaming says:

who is watching this on 2014 into 2010

Ryan Yates says:

then turn it down more…. der der derp

amna tanovic says:

you can make diamond sword

Jack Hammer says:

stupid creper

qxcTube 0.5k says:

"Whoever said diamonds are a girl's best friend has never heard of minecraft." – Lydia Winters, Director of fun @ Mojang.

JR Lenard says:

It's sad that allot of the younger generation don't know about LP's now & days, I love the sound of music on a good LP.

LucyCouture says:

dude this sounds too loud and i have ma volum on 40

Darcy Glavine says:

I replayed it a bunch.. not sure if thats diamond or just the light off a Mob, creeper maybe..

Comandex1234 says:

Join mc,chaoticunited,com !!!

xXGod_Of_WarXx says:

i do it sounds alot better

BumChucket_The_Great says:

The definition of several is "a few" that doesn't mean 7. and btw, seven stacks of diamonds is possible. I did it once using fortune 3 and 10 hours of stip mining

Liam Frazer says:

Several means seven smart smart one. he does not have SEVEN stacks of diamond

BumChucket_The_Great says:

he never said seven

Natman890 says:

fortune 3 pickax plus hours of mining?

jahtani wiggan says:

if you wanna weaken it you should probably use a wooden or stone sword

iviewutoob says:

beta i like alpha better

Brendon Hogan says:

Does anybody else here like the old door sound beter?

MrPk3rs says:

not a geek. a great video maker and knowledgeable guy! Be PROUD! 🙂

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