Minecraft Tutorials – 18 – How to Survive & Thrive (Music Disc & Clay)

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Tutorial for Minecraft. In this episode I catch a Creeper and “coerce” it into giving me a Music Disc (AKA Record) for my Jukebox. I also craft a Boat and take it for a ride in my lagoon. Additionally, I collect a big basket of Clay Balls to impress the ladies. It was a busy day…

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Mike Paquette says:

Gotta tell ya, you're much easier to listen to than Coestar.

Galvan Cheung says:

it would be better if he made a bigger boat or maybe a speedboat and make a barn for animals and a better armour.

Ruairi Dixon says:

44 clay balls only make 11 blocks of clay.

Michelle Perez says:

u missed clay!

Warren Wu says:

This is nice

DemonixFireFox says:

whats worse than leaving some blocks is if you get some and leave the rest DX

Hamish Hammond says:

there are more than 2 records

Toneia Brinkley says:

dude u talk way to much your job is to play for us not talk to us man fix t bitch

Dalibor Tosic says:

Why does creeper have a record? Is he listening to music?

GrievousAC DoesMC says:

this is long im stoping for today i watched 18 episodes in a row

Naly Abdulla says:

amazing that u knew that, u deserve a million dollars

Rachael2011Roberts says:

Why does YouTube only give you, 15 minutes, loads of people have got videos longer than 15 mims? Xxx

Comandex1234 says:

Join mc,chaoticunited,com !!!

Dolphin Heart says:

But you're right

Dolphin Heart says:

Maybe he is a ten year old kid. if he is that would be so weird because he's criticizing someone who may or may not be older than him…..ROFL

BoomBangBurn says:

For making bricks.

FatSquirrel20 says:

I love the old door sound.

Fourth Hokage says:

wait why do u need clay

summerdaisy128 says:

but they spawn in night

summerdaisy128 says:

I love your tutorials! They help me so much play minecraft. You inspired me to play this game. Thanks so much for taking time to make these videos!

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