Minecraft Tutorials – 19 – How to Survive & Thrive (Brick Fireplace)

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Tutorial for Minecraft. In this episode, I demonstrate how to bake Clay into Bricks! Then I use the Bricks to build a fireplace and show you how to start a permanent fire. Lastly, I craft a Painting to spruce up my fireplace.

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CyberPug says:

2:53 "Anyway, I'm gonna let my balls stew there," -Paul, 2010

Meme Magic says:

Thanks for teaching me how to cook my balls

TheBlueKid AUZ says:

When you had to make infinite fire with wood

Dylan Ward says:

this video was the end of the old textures

Fishing with Gage says:

.balls of steel😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Galvan Cheung says:

I really like the fire place

Galvan Cheung says:

I think it would be even greater if he did A BIG HOT TUB

SillyWaffleFace says:

Like if ur watching in 2015 😛 :3 

sri lekha says:

HAHA bows in alpha were better. Do u agree? but I know it doesn't have enchantments though…

HCGShibby says:

XD I tried making a fireplace inside my house, seconds after I saw this video….. Haha…. I ended up burning half my house down… Hahahahaha…… It almost burned down……….

Sarhatabaot says:

Good old Minecraft. I remember first watching this 4 years ago. I think I prefer the older days of Minecraft (alpha-early beta) over the current versions.

I. C.T. says:

Are you using minecraft pe?There isn't a hunger bar.

Vikneswaran Selvanathan says:

put a tree stump on a glass and you get fire glass

T431 says:

Today we learned how to cook our balls XD

๖ۣۜKing Yuri says:

do you want do lots of diamonds,gold,iron and redstone? use a TNT 😀

Antonio Brown says:

when the halloween update comes out,you shouldn't use wooden logs,use netherrack

Jonathan Wisk says:

Balls lol

kiekieko11 says:

Sigh… A halloween update has to come. It ruined this tutorial series. 🙁

TheUNSCgrunt says:

you read my mind with the song wile waiting for the brick

Michael Howard says:

Shove my clay balls in the stove….LOL ^__^

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