Minecraft Tutorials – 23b – How to Survive & Thrive (Mob Trap)

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Tutorial for Minecraft Alpha (where bad things come out from the dark and try to eat you). This tutorial series is intended to help new players learn to survive & thrive in the Minecraft Alpha universe.

This episode is a continuation of tutorial 23 where I share a few minor improvements and modifications to the mob trap.

The original designer of this mob trap is ‘drunkoncustard’:


Eric Caron says:

Does this mob trap still work in the newer Minecraft?

Letfordlay says:

i miss the old minecraft, so simple, but so fun, its crazy how big its gotten…

J Bautista says:

Do you like mcdonalds quarter pounders there made by cow beef

mike says:

I remember my first world, back in alfa, I had so much fun, I build this mob trap and other stuff, I spent so much time on the game and it got corrupted at a later version so I started a new survival world, but it wasn't as fun because I knew most of the game and what to do, so multi player was the next main thing I played but now I play FTB/tekkit.

Shan Devraj says:

anyone notice he didnt lose health

kyriakos reizis says:

Nice i love it take 2 fishing rods and you are done ^ ^ 2 for good and bad..

Nicolas Paredes says:

why don't you make a bed you need a life dude

Dalibor Tosic says:

To cow: "Do your duty! Make cheeseburgers!". LOL

Comandex1234 says:

Join mc,chaoticunited,com !!!

Wyndham Bostian says:

Wow, its 1.6.2 and it still works=D

Grace Pulkowski says:

It's glow stone love xD

gcghhc says:

The cow died

Jazz Courtenay says:


is the best 3.14

Captain Gkrek Sparrow says:

I love the one you get for disliking them! :O

Captain Gkrek Sparrow says:

Or just add a grappling hook lol

summerdaisy128 says:

I don't get it.

summerdaisy128 says:

I wish you could use the fishing pole as a grappling hook… *swings fishing pole on top of roof and flies up like a boss* -3- They should do that…

VaultBoy 420 says:

Animal Cruelty

Brendon Hogan says:

I HATE the new sound it makes when you like a comment!

courtney warjas says:


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