Minecraft Tutorials – 29 – How to Survive & Thrive (Underground Tree Farm)

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Minecraft Tutorial #29, demonstrates how to build an underground tree farm and use Bone Meal to turn Saplings into full-grown trees instantly! This is the third tutorial in a mini-series on underground farming (ie, wheat, trees, and animals).

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Cizza AU says:

set speed to 1.25 to save some time

Ainsley Ebel says:

Where are the sheep

Andrew says:


Tim Adams says:

I found hero brine

StopMinecraftVIOLENCE says:

When Minecraft was good <3

Quinn Killen says:

3:31 LOL

"Unlike the old days…."

dvalentino007 says:

stilll making mine. 46 by 91

Jack Turner says:

Hey Paul I know minecraft 1.7.9 but im watching ur Alphal series and I got the "he hstes those cans" reference. it is from the movie "The Jerk"

MarioDoesMinecraft says:

i wish notch had KEPT the one click bone meal.That was nice


I wish I could man, but I have no access to a credit card =/.

Darcy Glavine says:

This video is over 2 years old.. Dont think shears had been implemented yet.

Darcy Glavine says:

Yahh.. Bonemeal is definitely not useful anymore. I went to use it on wheat the other day and was shite!

Comandex1234 says:

Join mc,chaoticunited,com !!

Spidey Pool says:

>_< 😀 😛

Matthew Hill says:

you sound exactlylike mr. smith from the matrix

summerdaisy128 says:

Like if you found the w! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

summerdaisy128 says:

Oh yay! Does it come with a free virus?

Shadowghost says:

its awesome

TwinRepers158 says:

I'm now used to the nerfed bone meal

MCBlenderGeek says:

I miss how bone meal used to work…

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