Minecraft Tutorials – 35 – How to Survive & Thrive (Slime Farm -Part 1)

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Step-by-step guide for finding and farming Slimes! This is part 1 where I demonstrate how to locate Slimes. In Part 2 I’ll construct some type of harvester to kill them and collect their balls!

Minecraft Slime Finder:

Download my world map here:

Get Minecraft here:

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Emeow Cat lover says:

what happened to the spy chickens

VanillaPicklePal says:

If you had captions on at 25:32 its says "and when they split into the smaller ones , nom wanna kill the Chinese".

Charlie says:

I love watching old videos

Goombasquaddie says:

Good job 🙂 I still enjoy watching this series, used Your link to the slime finder just now.

TheFlyingSquid says:

I just used the old world generation mod to get Paul's seed as a fresh map. Gonna play along from the start.

max jonas says:

When is part two

slizzee1 says:

What moving lights are you talking about, when you hit F3?

Origami Master says:

How do you record your gameplay?? I play this alot on my ipad and i want to share it easily and record it easily. Please and thank you

galadriel99777 says:

where's part 2?

Josue Machado says:

It's so cool

Joe G.P. says:

thank god you no longer have to do that to find slimes, now you just go to a swamp biome and hit them with a sword (or anything else).
Just don't live in a swamp, they spawn all the time and everywhere and they get annoying fast.

Language Lover says:

Does this work in multiplayer

Language Lover says:

You are awesome !!!

Chaeyeon Park says:

This tutorial is sssssssssoooooooooo useful~!!!!! Thank you so much Paul even though it's like 3 years past:) This still works right?

Aardude-Minecraft and Other Gaming Videos! says:

Turn on captions and go to 25:30 XD LOL

owenredeyedsquid t says:

did anybody else see the numbers above the animals 

Jason Tan says:

you are awesome paulsoaresjr

EthaGaming says:

4:43 bottom, you guys can see the seed.

megan huang says:

where are your food pops and experireince bar?

megan huang says:


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