Minecraft Tutorials – 37 – How to Survive & Thrive (Melon & Pumpkin Farm)

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How to build a Melon and Pumpkin farm!

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Abby Smith says:

Thanks for making this very nice tutorial :D

Badass Armory says:

"you should always have a hoe" THE TOOL THE TOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

pdow52 says:

You made a diamond hoe. Wooden hoes do the exact same thing and just as fast fyi.

PullipStudios says:

I mean elevator

PullipStudios says:

Use the water elevated

Curoque says:

snow golems are useless

TheRawr161 says:

and snow golem

Darcy Glavine says:

I dont know if its a recent thing or not. but dont have to til the ground anymore. recently pumkins will also make pumpkin pie.

I use jack-o-lanterns as lighting in walls of my home. Place them sort of sideways so the face doesnt show, then they just look like a lit orange brick.

Darcy Glavine says:

If you put a pumpkin on head you can look directly at an Enderman.. good for killing them.

Comandex1234 says:

Join mc,chaoticunited,com

SpaceCraft says:

its a pumpkin

DJ_GhostCraft 262 says:

Now you have pumpkin build a iron golem!

Silver77cyn says:

Pumpkins are useful to be immune to endermen stares, making pumpkin pies that can replenish your health…a lot(with an egg and sugar), and as a decorative jack o' lantern…

SuperDraco95 says:

the creepers at the day laugh out loud i am a f.n 11 yr old

karuna sankolli says:

you have the best tutorials ever!

Curoque says:

and make iron golem

Most Dope says:

thanks you so much!

great vid 😀

FreeStuffs2013 says:

Over 1000 premium MA!

Download here:


nancy craft says:

how did you get that minecraft skin Paul

Dead Pool says:

Make an Iron Golem

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