Minecraft Tutorials – 38 – How to Survive & Thrive (Monster Spawner Trap)

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Step-by-step guide to build a Monster Spawner Trap in Minecraft Beta.

Credit for trap design goes to AvidyaZen:

Download my world map here:

Get Minecraft here:

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Ivan Zhong says:

Who's watching this in 2017

Letisia Molina says:

if you find it again why didn't you just search it up on YouTube thing

Letisia Molina says:

I got a bag of chips

Aiden Jackson says:


Rohith V says:

Why do you retire so soon. You should have made a video on mine shafts,how to find emarald and all that cool stuff.

DLRS Evolution says:

Plz bring this back paul i use to watch these all the time plz bring itnback

Bessie Guo says:

Dude you have no bed what's up with that ! 😒

ButterKing FTW says:

"Should've left the hoe at home" that's what I say whenever I go shopping

Saxton Hale says:


76255 Ryan says:

He missed diamond

Chad Clarke says:

Can someone sptart a survival world whith me on xbox 360 my name is bluedaz if anyone wants to

Tilds Connelly says:

You should have loads of subscribers cos you r really cool!

david lunn says:

very good as always even though i started whatching just a week ago lol

Ally DeVore says:

Make a video where you go out and kill monsters plz

rootisimo says:

i love this video:)

Lewis Guilfoyle says:

I thought it was weird when zombies dropped FEATHERS! XD

Cofiwch says:

rappyo ur right I saecit to!

๖ۣۜKing Yuri says:

you have no tutorial on how to make a bed

KingVillagerMC says:

As of December 28, 2013 at 6:08 PM, 63 Zombies have watched this video.

stanley khoun says:

hey your videos are awesome and they help me in minecraft so thanks alot paul

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