Minecraft Tutorials – E02 Mining and Smelting Iron (Survive and Thrive II)

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Tutorial for Minecraft. What to do on your first night, in your secure hidey-hole, while waiting for the sun to rise.

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Bernice Anderlite says:

I'm 7 and I'm lrning how to play

Julianna Turner says:

gold is butter lol

Julianna Turner says:

i play minecraft i just like watching this

Tuang Pi says:

i don't know how to get the Iron Ingot
someone tell me how!!!
it's not working!!!??

Jill Quintanilla says:

Love it

SandboxNinja -Plays games- says:

this series has a suprisingly high ratio of likes to dislikes

Kody Davee says:

Hay you need a dog so in one of your vids get one

Mia7812 Msp says:

You can't mine bedrock because you're not allowed, or its impossible to mine deeper then that because you'll fall out the world….

xXMygtmgamingXx Minecraft,Mods & More says:

i looked up the furnace 8 cobble

AstroGamer727 says:

Man, these videos are basicly my childhood. XD

Hailey Burchfield says:

im confused i thought when you break coal you get xp what happened?

ZezacleB says:

First I ever played, I thought: (in 1.6 creative)

Enchant books were reusable.
I thought a furnace was called an Oven (and I had to look up the crafting recipe because my friend wouldn't tell me)
I hated enchanting tables because the book followed me
I died to a creeper thinking it was a moving fern
Placed anvils everywhere for no reason cause they looked cool
I didn't know how to make planks for five minutes… (When I started)
I changed every single control to my liking though it really screwed with my friend

Sequoia James says:

I spend the night in the dark at home

Sophia Sokolova says:

So good. When I dig in  my little hiddenhole, I found 16 Iron Ores.

Goalie Channel says:

This was a simpler time, a more creative time. Has minecraft gone too far??

huanru chen says:

are you the guy in the minecraft book?

0reaver01 says:

you have made me feel so much better im over 25 and just started playing minecraft people keep telling me im to old to play it and i started to believe it was true but the music in the game and building things relaxes me and its good bonding time when my nephew comes visit . it was my nephew that got me into it.

Hamza Darwish says:

What is the seed

bella dupre says:

gold is actule as week as wood

Pandan Gaming says:

I can't leave a like

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