Minecraft Tutorials – E22 Home Defense: Spider Guard (Survive and Thrive II)

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How to Survive and Thrive in Minecraft! In this episode, we improve our home security system to keep spiders away from our cozy cottage! We do this by building my patented “Spider Helmet(tm)” platform on top of our perimeter fence to prevent them from climbing over.

Download this tutorial world: http://paulsoaresjr.com/downloads/
or create it from scratch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52fhFXCDva0

BLOG: http://paulsoaresjr.com
TWITTER: http://twitter.com/paulsoaresjr
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/PaulsoaresjrPub
YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/user/paulsoaresjr
FAQ: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bp9NTrLOdCM

Get Minecraft here:

In this episode you will learn:
– how to build a home defense system
– how to prevent spiders from climbing over your wall and/or fence
– how to fight Endermen safely


multihrab says:

Trump approves this wall

rivethead138 says:


rivethead138 says:

man…my house looks ugly now…but its my fault

Elijah Rideb says:

the enderman wont be able to see you if you wear a pumkin

Nasch says:

the nostalgia… i used to live for this series when i was smaller. Now it seems like Paul has changed a lot.

Le-Anna' Rockwood says:

So if the cow, chickens, and sheep, and even slides can have babies, can spiders, zombies, skeleton, and pigskeleton have babies

Andrew McMillan says:

Would it be a bad idea to use glass for the "spider helmet"? Might look better…

William Moore says:

any1 see the tree grow?

MadScientist3000 says:

wooden slaps you mine out, not axe
Uploaded on Jan 6, 2012

Thinh Pham says:

do you even have a bed ?

Peanuts Fan says:

Ever notice the automatic appering tree at 6:33?

atharva lotlikar says:

Hey on which difficulty level do u play Paul?

Super Astonished says:

Dogs in the rain at 12:00

Super Astonished says:

Love the dogs! Also, the spiders r two blocks wide, so u don't really need to add slabs to the brick stairs

dings215 says:

'crunch all ya want, we'll make more.' – Doritos.

Ethan Eskenazi says:

14:59 Sammy is wet. She goes into the house and shakes the water off. Then she goes back out, gets wet again, and comes back in and shakes it off. LOL

Ethan Eskenazi says:

6:30 a tree randomly spawned right in front of him

John Wiggins says:

oh you just did lol i wasnt to that part yet srry

John Wiggins says:

you are being so mean to those dogs let them go in your house and out of the rain

md shamsul arefin says:

i read a handbook about you,it says that you are the first person to make minecraft videos!then i started watching you,and i found out that you are the best minecrafter ive ever seen!!!

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