Minecraft Tutorials – E22 – How to Survive & Thrive (Switches and TNT)

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Tutorial for Minecraft. In this episode, I discuss the various types of Switches in the game and demonstrate how to craft and use them in various basic mechanisms. I also show you how to make TNT and use it to blow sh%# up!

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XxCaptain Awesome27GamingxX says:

I like to pretend this series is the first part of history of PSJ

Supernova Intellect says:

Paul this is the best game and story mode

OpticalGaming says:

Are you kidding me he said that you need a pickaxe to break a button that's not true you can break It with your hand or whatever you want to break it with.

Rocky and Yipper says:

+AgarBawls How dare you say that, you were making the noobs sad!

Le-Anna' Rockwood says:

How do you make a bed! You make little offices and such, but what about a house!! And the cloud tower you made it so you can watch your surroundings but you never go in it ever since you finished working on it!!!

ChemiCal says:

Redstone updates!!!

sri lekha says:

Can't you make buttons with cobblestone?

sri lekha says:

When I was a Minecraft noob, I thought that I could use buttons to make clothes lol

Minkey the fluffy cat says:

I'm tired of you dummie tutorials

conlia says:

In 1.4,They introduced the Wooden Button.

Cynthia Weisman says:

y do zombies drop feathers? they don't anymore

eaynster flanigan says:

If That Was A Joke LOL

Hipster Mario says:

finally redstone and tnt tutorial

YourFriendlyNeighborhoodPizzaGuy says:

if it gets depressed then quit stepping on it lol

pinkey onetwoforsix says:

omg you cought an spy chicken!

3djarad says:

Put the pressure plate on the inside ONLY

Kha-Vinh Tran says:

what if a zombie steps on it

Amabrush Taiwan says:

That really helps

CookieScaley says:

Tell us something we DON'T know. Everyone knows that

Hunter Case says:

woman use bats too!

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