Minecraft Tutorials: Easy, Efficient Skeleton / Zombie XP Farm (1.8.8, 1.9, 1.10)

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A very easy, efficient Skeleton / Zombie XP Farm for Minecraft 1.8 and 1.9. You will love this design and it only takes 20 minutes to build. 🙂

Check out my Bang Bang Craft Minisode Timelapse: https://youtu.be/XV0_uq_-oH8


UnknownPlayer says:

Great farm, used it twice, works every time!

Tyler Doherty says:

What texture pack

AsianKayla535 says:

the lava is killing the zombies in the xp farm and I dont know what to do

Jordan LaChance says:

Great work on this. Very simple, cheap. Fun to build. Works great. :)

ANovaTex says:

Dosent work with zombies on ps4

Aimee W (missymomo) says:

Thanks for this 😀 I have been needing an easy xp grinder for the longest time for a skeleton spawner i found. Since i'm a noob with redstone, this is great.

Ottilia Brezovsky says:

thanks potato for show what's to do

Andrzej Rośkowicz says:

Works perfectly and it is really easy to build. Thanks for tutorial.

Katelijn D. says:

Thank you for sharing! Works really great

Beezyo 200 says:

This is exactly what I was looking for, A mob grinder that requires redstone (For my practice) and is cheap to make yet very effective. Thanks a lot man, you earned a like and a Sub.

Sandje1976 says:

thank you so much, looks so easy to make :D

Henrique Pires says:

It works very nice!
Thanks for sharing :)

eidane1 says:

hmm would it not be easier to have some water to passively kill them of that way when you want to kill them manually then you can do that. but when you just want it run or are just in the close area it will still produce bones

Dave (otd73) says:

Works great, usually farmed zombies with a zombie spawner before but found a skelly one on my world and my way didn't work because skeelys could shoot me. Not a problem with this design and this one is much simplier than mine as well.

My design was with water as well, but I would make a long trench with a series of streams that let to a steep drop that almost killed them, then go down where they fell and then deal the killing blow through a half slab big hole where they couldn't kill me but I killed them. It works great for zombies but not so much for skellies. Also while my idea didn't take redstone, with yours you need so much less digging.

BTW I made one small change on the opposite side of the button and closed off that side all with class because some loot would fall out that side. That may have been because there were so many skeelies killed at once the hopper couldn't handle it. Not sure, but closing it off it's not a problem.

Drarck says:

in snapshot 16w33a zombies don't die on one hit D: help

Keedyo says:

I used the VERY old design, because it worked, but I've never thought that all I needed was a monalstable circuit. This really saved me some time Thank you


whatvis the name of the texture please ?

Risen Glory says:

The lava is not retuning back to the dispenser for mine, I'm on 1.8.8

Idelan94 says:

I did exactly the same you do in the video but the skeletons just die and can't get the exp, what should I do?

abi hernandez says:


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