[Minecraft Tutorials] Easy Piston Trap

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So today’s tutorial is a simple one, doesnt require alot of redstone, nor resources, and it is very useful and compact specialy for Survival Servers, please comment rate and sub!

Also Iam very sorry for the lack of videos, was enjoying my summer 🙂

Awesome Craft Server :


CR7D #10m says:

can you guys please watch my simple awesome trap video😉😉😉

JAX360 says:

my house has never been safer thx man😆

Miguel Serrano says:

U you idoit haha

Awesomeness kidRD says:

I can't type Arabic because I am in America but ill say quays helo l trap

X- LIGHT says:

حبيبي محمود ليش بتتكلم انجليزي نزل فيديوهاتك بالعربي احسن

Mario RAdoi says:


Dinu Andrei says:

Ba pe cine fati tu day

Schmidt 1996 says:

but there is a mistake
it can only be used one time unless you have to log on a server everyday to rebuild it

Sarma Gamer says:

You can put lava inside

April May says:

That is AWESOME!!!:D

Brian says:

The gestural panning is rather distracting

Aatos Kinnunen says:

This is good idea!  🙂

Joel Thompson says:

Hes welsh u spAck

Joel Thompson says:

Hes welsh u spak

Edoardo Galli says:

Boring 😴😴😴💤💤💤

harelsap1 says:

I think you minecraft version 1.5 lololol

Begad Shoier says:

Nice one

Mustafa Owaynat says:

like this vid if you saw the minecraft add

ethan Richardson says:

Who's not going to hide this awesome trap

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