Minecraft Tutorials Ep #1 – Small Statue

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Hello! Welcome to my Youtube channel! this is my first Youtube video i upload so im grateful for feedback. have a nice day!
music : proleter – april showers
texture pack : http://www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/default-3d-2985741/


Walnut Gamer says:

?cisum obmuJ obmuM

im black says:

you struggling to place blocks made .r laugh

Asher Yin says:

What's the song?

Camryn Cleveland says:

mumbo jumbo music

Jay Amiscua says:

Really good

Mcgerry Pangatungan says:

hey what texture pack did you use in this…..please send me link on how to download it……thanks

Edward Kelly says:

What Is The Music

Masonic29 says:

Are you okay with me using this build in a Minecraft server that we are currently making?

Ivan Dixon says:

Casey Neitstat?

Hebib Ekberov says:

nicee moodd

sweg erthsheykur says:

is there a replacement from the anvil I can't put my cauldron on it

Logan Paul Vlogs says:

Ugly As Fuck

Neko • says:

name of the texturpack?! plese=D

Jan Munning says:

thanx!!! 🙂

Jan Munning says:

Whitch texturepack is that?

Harpo Bobertson says:

You suck so bad at the basics of Minecraft its depressing

Trenton The Panda says:

Intro song ad other song plz

BloodAxe Owl says:

amazing video

Blaise Silver says:

hey uh whats with the poppy outty blocks?

Bruno Fernandes says:

keep making videos

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