Minecraft Tutorials | How to get Music Discs

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A simple tutorial on an easy way to get music disc that is legit and does not involve a lot of work, for example going to find dungeons or nether fortresses.



Cheeki breeki says:

That intro gave me cancer

Vision says:

Hey I apologize for taking some time out your day I would really appreciate if you saw MY version of this, it’s literally 50 seconds out your day! Thanks 😀

solar teaches and playzz says:

Really fake

Caritina Quintana says:

thanks for the music Disc

Alexander hall says:

Can this work in MCPE?

KirbyS 4983 says:

Champwan So That's How we get A Music Disc! Thanks and Also I Subscribed your Channel #ThanksChampwan

GCGaming 08 says:

weres the power discs

GCGaming 08 says:

weres the power discs

zhiliang zhuang says:

i dont get have it

4tifye Gaming says:

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King Angel 777 says:

Wow this is doing this the expert way awesome job

臼井久美子 says:


Clorox Bleach says:

Will this work or pocket edition

Stretchkitty Unplugged says:

only thing how do u get the skeleton to get in it?

Senseiwells68 says:

these r my favorite

CGDylan says:

Sweet video Ryley!

Tyson Lenz says:

Yes!!! It works on console

Zealite says:

10th comment ::)

Jeffrey Dziadaszek says:

that is awesome i did not know that thank you!!! 

Trevon Somwaru says:

Cool! Great video Riley!
Can you do more tutorials like this? Thanks!

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