Minecraft Tutorials | How to make a Small Automatic Smelter

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A short tutorial on how to make a simple automatic smelter 😀

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Caos Films says:

Hi champwan I was just wondering what your outro music is cos I really like it

OriginalKillface 777 says:

when are you going to do another solo series??

Wynue Chan says:

Make a automatic farm with wheat and carrots

Julia Pennock says:

You know you're tired when you first read smelter as shelter. ALSO YAY ANOTHER TUTORIAL I LOVE THESE!

Oliver Bergqvist says:

100 000! WOOHOO!!

planes21 says:

What happened to the lets play????

Elijah Daniel says:

Congratz on 100,000 Subscribers Ryley Wan 🙂

Spyroki says:

Sorry, Champ. I don't have time to watch the video right now. But from the title I can tell what it's about. The downside is that you won't get XP from it :/
I'll still leave a like 😛

Aspen Jackson 101 says:

that helped a lot thanks! im also the first person to like the video

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