Minecraft Tutorials: Imperial Shuttle

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A tutorial on how to build a Lambda-Class Imperial Shuttle like the Tyderium in episode 6.


Tobi TT says:

WTF no real toturial! YOu built it and …. nothingn NOTHING

EKMB says:

i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
< 3

Cynthia Fishbourne says:

What's that other shuttle?

The DUDE says:

This is so nice! May you please make a video on putting the interior details and the version with the wings folded out?

RobH175 says:

This is rubbish

JUTAN says:

way to small

Crazy Bros Cael says:

am i gonna tour your on the weekend or not?

Crazy Bros Cael says:

i remember you were on are spankle vision video you built the imperial star destroyer and the venator-class star destroyer question whats your name on xbox one i really want to see it cause i have a channel you earn more subs and likes and views because you have worked so hard on every thing

GoldIndominus5325 says:

Cool ship… Used it in my creative world.🙂

Furious Bricks says:

You deserve many more views and subscribers.
This is why I subscribed and re-watched this video six times.

Lisa Diaz says:

are you rainbow farts 117

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