Minecraft Tutorials – Minecraft Tutorial #14 – How to Build a Large Modern Bathroom (HD)

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In this tutorial video, I show you how to build a large modern bathroom. Features include: Working shower, bathtub, toilet that opens/closes, sink, and a mirror. I also show you how to hide glowstone a few different ways and spruce up the floor with some rugs. Enjoy! =D

Seed: -3536189533370143457
Coordinates: x=1105, y=71, z=1535 🐼


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Fall Marcil says:

make a spacious bedroom!!!   &D     

Fang says:

Now I need a new tutorial: How to take a crap, and how to wash your hands in Minecraft.

Autumn Jones says:

The dimensions are 10×9. And great build @theblackbeltpanda!! =)

John Conner says:

Do a kitchen

Caydence Ramsey says:

diminsions are 10×9

Kumo Entertainment says:

What are the detentions? Inside and out side

William Raszl says:

What are the deminsions 

Sam B says:

Why are there preasure plates arouns the sink

Caydence Ramsey says:


Fireflame1230 says:

@theblackbeltpanda what are the deminsions

Fireflame1230 says:

What are the deminsions

TRRiiicKz says:

What are the deminsions

[OLD] Scrap Channel says:

Yeah Well, My Voice Is The Opposite……nevermind….

TheBlackBeltPanda says:

Maybe, but it sucks for singing. =P

Lolico Xaves says:

You have the perfect voice for tutorials! 🙂 I want your voice

krystal stewart says:

I love your videos

Brandon772 says:

Great bathroom

Maxwell Dennis says:

hey also do you get mods like rival rebles

Maxwell Dennis says:

hey black belt panda how do you make this stuff reallistic because its awesome

Jonathan Mcalear says:

I worked really hard

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