Minecraft Tutorials – Minecraft Tutorial #15 – How to Build an Awesome Living Room (HD)

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In this tutorial video, I show you how to build an awesome cozy modern living room. This living room features a functional couch (you can sleep in it!, a TV, bookshelf, storage closets, a workbench closet, a nice fireplace, and a ceiling fan. Enjoy! =D

Seed: -3536189533370143457
Coordinates: x=1105, y=71, z=1535 🐼


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☀Intro music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EygqL–RW4

☀Outro music by theofficialbliZard (https://www.youtube.com/user/theoffic&#8230😉
☀BliZard – Oriental

☀Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2017 Mojang


Miriam Marin says:

Check him out he's cool too and skeleton

Emily Kostelnik says:

How about Mr.BlackBelt Panda you double the skeleton and spider mixed together and THERES ONE EPIC MONSTER THAT WOULD BEAT THOSE TWO, TO DEATH!!

Stephen Lawn says:

What are the demensions

Claudia Lopez says:

love your vids.p.s this is her sister

Claudia Lopez says:

I think spider because skeleton takes a couple minutes to shoot.maybe none because skeleton sits on the spider

Eric Meza says:

Maybe you should make the house so we know how much space we have when you make the kitchen and bathroom and living room,dining room but other than that keep up the good work man

Dwayne says:

Skeleton. Btw can you show how to make a pet cage in minecraft? I have guinea pigs (guinea pig mod anyone?) And want them. To have a cage in the game.

Sloths Are Delicious says:

I used the book shelf as my closet and i put doors on it for my bedroom

Animallover 1234 says:

Skeleton!!!!! And you are creative!!!!

help me says:

I actually dunno…

Braden Buchanan says:

Awesome she year none because there on a team there is a skelloton that sits on the spider

David Borshchik says:

Dude your Awesome! And skeleton!

John Conner says:

Spider because he could doge arrows with speed

brennan ferguson says:

i think the spider

Daedra Heart says:

spider because you said plus 8 speed 0.0

Daedra Heart says:

wat r the deminsions

Albert Sanchez says:

skeleton and i thought it was cool

Doug Hendricks says:

When I did that I did a secret room behind the television

Crystal Van De Mark says:

I built it with you it looks cool and I think a skeketon would win

brayden caraway says:

And you know

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