Minecraft Tutorials – Minecraft Tutorial #23 – How to Build Minecraft’s (Almost) Smallest House

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Note: As stated in the video, if you don’t alter the walls it is 2×2. If you alter all 4 walls, it becomes a 4×4.

In this tutorial video, I show you how to build a 2×2 underground house; possibly the smallest functional house you can make in Minecraft. This build is a great temporary base, perfect for traversing long distances without sacrificing your utilities.
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Maddison Thompson says:

I cheated and made it 5-4 five by 4

Snas says:

I love this house design! I often use it in my survival to make a small base in each biome, and tweek the design a bit to format the biome.

MLG Tiidal says:

How did you put that sugar cane on the 2nd floor?

Bloodyshot1061 says:

How do you make your grass look like greem wool?

ItzMxrshxll says:

Sure u can (not)

elalannes says:

I meant I can make a smaller house then this

elalannes says:

I can make a smaller house then this wey

Ruxandra Mihailiuc says:

i made the smallest house ever, a 2×2 and it had two chests a normal one and an end one and a secret room a little bit further for all the diamond and things and it had brewing table furnance bed crafting table

its th3 lig3t chains says:

You are awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ilja Meijer says:

mine house is 3*3*4 and creeper profe with Evrything in it CREEPER PROFE

leeoscar08 says:

yes you're using default 😀 just subbed

rip account says:

World record

Zertryx says:

that would still make it 2 blocks 1×2

l Pure Ash l says:

Coolest EVER 😉

Derp Bat Man says:

He could put the bed on the furnace and chest

Abraham Williams says:

i stand corrected

Abraham Williams says:

i just realized he is using a texture pack

llllolololopllo says:

do more bunker

Retro Cow says:

who needs a house? i simply dig a hole in the ground big enough for myself and nothing else…

Mason Matthies says:

That's big

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