Minecraft Tutorials – Minecraft Tutorial #25 – How to Build an 8 Person Cobblestone Generator – 1 Lava Bucket (HD)

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In this tutorial video, I show you how to build an eight person cobblestone generator that uses only one single lava bucket. This generator is an upgrade of my previous two person generator. Perfect for Skyblock multiplayer!

Two Person Cobblestone Generator Tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oV3rHkvLfKY
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Matthew Goldsmith says:

I made this on my single player SkyBlock because it looks great

Ian Moxley says:

it looks like an ancient forge

Colin Sisco says:

ur 2 person generator was cool it helped a lot but compared to this it sucks

Wolfninja says:

I wonder if you can double that ot make a 16 person generator

11 Louie says:

Lu the best

Airsoft Michigan says:

Why did u make the structure out of cobble. You might accidentally mine the generator.

YolocrafterXD - Gaming Channel says:

I made an infinite expandable version

Daksh Saikia Hebbar says:

I made a 10 person 2 bucket cobblestone generator

lapizminer says:


Alex Diehl says:

Great design… One suggestion though is to run hoppers to a chest in the middle to collect more efficiently

Gold_LLC says:

that's cool it help'd me on skyblock

Daedra Heart says:

dude i subscribed this really helped

DatJosel AyapanaDud says:

Subscribed >:) i like it!

seth lawrence says:

I Luv u tutorials but alot of them I can't do cause I mostly play xbox

seth lawrence says:

I use it all the time in survival

Googly Eye says:

I realy like how it looks as a temple of the magestic cobblwstone, heh!That reminds me for something:can you make a temple?I mean serious temple, with traps, hidden chests and a statue of the god (or demon) in the middle.I can, but can you?


cool so r u going t do more bunker tutorials or is the bunker finished?

CD HK says:

thx for the video it helps with skyblock 🙂

KeyOD says:

i wonder can you make a 4 people generator?

Andrew Coelho says:

If you put a block were they are suppose to stand, remove the blocks that are next to the one you just put, and then stop the water flow and leave a place to stand this can be a sixteen person cobblestone generator.

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