Minecraft Tutorials – Minecraft Tutorial #27 – How to Build the Japanese Pagoda Exterior (HD)

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In this tutorial video, I show you how to build the exterior of the Japanese Pagoda. You’ll learn how to build a Japanese lantern, water feature (including a small waterfall, zen garden, and a small Japanese-style bridge.
Seed: 93493475 🐼


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iPix3latedpro says:

I have two dogs called Molly and Alfie 👍🏼

Ruby Rivas says:

Asian still Wonderful

Nenita Sioson says:

Thank You For The Sakira Tree Tutorial

Liam Phillips says:

Like if you built this in survival!

Liam Phillips says:

I have a pet manatee named bubbles

Row Narmes says:

Max the cat ✌😸

David Thomas says:

No offense to bbp but I think that he got the Pagoda down to a T, but when it came to the exterior he didn't stick very well to the authentic Japanese look. It looked fine as a separate entity, but if you are trying to keep to traditional Japanese architecture use the cherry tree and maybe the Zen garden. But, again, it looks fine unless you are trying to make it look more traditional. JUST A SUGGESTION

Karozu Kizu says:

Cat's: Mia and Chima (we had a lot more but they either got given away or died.) almost 100 sheeps and a dog called Belona.

Don't Be Afraid Cosplay Pro says:

This was extremely helpful! You're very thorough in explaining each step. I didn't see your tutorial for the temple before I had created a different. I'm going to make another based on your tutorial now. Thank you so much! Very helpful c:

Kelly Nguyen says:

only liked the lamp


How do u get the grass blocks to look like that

skinny jason says:

i have a hamster named pancake. hes very fat and when he sleeps he looks just like a pancake. and we all know what a pancake is.

Will Florey says:

I've really found your 3 tutorials on the pagoda so helpful! Thanks 🙂

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