Minecraft Tutorials – Minecraft Tutorial #30 – How to Build a Starter Japanese House (HD)

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In this tutorial video, I show you how to build a starter Japanese house from basic materials! =D
Materials needed:
Wood Planks,229
Crafting Table,2
Wooden Door,4
Stone Stairs,24
Wooden Pressure Plate,2
Sugar Cane,6
Spruce-Wood Slab,108
Oak-Wood Slab,72
Spruce-Wood Stairs,181

Seed: 93493475
Coords: x=-225, z=373 ?


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☀Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch


Deadra Heart says:

+TheBlackBeltPanda can you put in the description how many OAK planks and how many SPRUCE planks and not just "Wooden Planks"

Panda King says:

I liked your pagoda build and I changed it a little. I didn't do the design in the front. Instead, I put an emerald block and did a design with the stairs 

Lego Maxi says:

The black belt panda can you please make a vid on how to make a Japanese sushi place

noah mason says:

And one is with bircth wood and jungle wood

noah mason says:

IN FACT I like to make a lot of pogotos I already have 2 of them Yes STILL verry helpful

noah mason says:

No8o whhaaat WHat do you think or mean

Quenten Baas says:

Nice video, me and my friend enjoy it. We hope you're keep making video's.

S4Razzee says:

Awesome! 🙂 I did it on my server.

Jay Cee says:

Great tutorial

Psynatra says:

Omg, Panda has turned into a fucking weaboo! NO!

Inferno Creeper The Jedi Ninja9753 says:

i am raging now its not cool anymore

YamiArchangel says:

So, I am hoping that this meets with your approval:
I have linked to this video on a blog that I'm working on getting published; right now it's still being built & having content filled in.
Is it alright for me to post that link?

Jni Blue says:

I love this

Guma Kawauso says:

Well, this was nice. I might make some modifications using Chisel's paperwall/shoji blocks. Even more awesome is that in the Direwolf modpack, you also get Cherry Groves.

skinny jason says:

i just made this house in a new server i found and hes right it is a good starter house. 😀 got a nice garden in the basement and everyone elses houses lookin all boxy and mines the best house in town haha!

Evan Mayone says:

the seed does not work for me

Joseph Rizzo (岡崎巧み) says:

Best Minecraft tutorial I have ever seen on YouTube. Easy to follow, great looking, and easy directions. 10/10

the rusting star says:


Tiffy Akumu (KittyKat) says:

Love it! <3 I did it and it looks awesome. 

OfMice3Men says:

I built this house in Minecraft PE mode and the only thing I didn't have were pressure plates. I hope they make them soon!

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