Minecraft Tutorials – Minecraft Tutorial #8 – How to Build a Bunker (HD)

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In this tutorial video, I show you how to build a bunker. =D

Seed: -3536189533370143457
Coordinates: x=1105, y=71, z=1535 🐼


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☀Intro music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EygqL–RW4

☀Outro music by theofficialbliZard (https://www.youtube.com/user/theoffic&#8230😉
☀BliZard – Oriental

☀Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2017 Mojang


Poppin Praises says:

It's been so long since I watched this

Blackcreeper B.C. says:

I built your modern house in 1.7 and I made the double one and I edited it but that was when I first got Minecraft 3 years ago the feels are real and I was new to the thing called YouTube so I thought you were dead when I didn't find your videos on the only YouTube I had (the oringanal minecraft website)

Blackcreeper B.C. says:

I remember this video but it was different from what I remember

Shocker106 says:

I built a bunker in Minecraft out of obsidian.

Aiden Cruz says:

Who's watching in 2016

quady Kozlowski says:

łapka w duł

TwistedStingerYT says:

so bad you live in a rock box wow

michael suhy says:

end stone is blast resistant

SamBassBuilder says:

This was one of my first tutorials I watched ever. Awesome job!

Ender_Fiend says:

Hi panda 😀

Trippy Memez says:

Thanks! I used this for my minecraft world war 2 reenactment.

Minecraft With Zach says:

Get 10 ten likes on this comment

SymmetraPlayzYT says:

I'm a new sud

Ben Ball says:

you should really make this a server because i really want to play on this map

DopeyPvP says:

not bad bro… Add in pressure plates with tnt under the pressure plates. its an epic troll for either mobs or players!

IHasWoodZ says:

I remembered this video in 2011, back then I didn't know what minecraft was but this vid introduced me to this amazing game. When I watch it again I get the feels. Thank you

Garrett Uhl says:

Best foods are mushroom stew, bread, cake, cooked porkchop, steak, cooked chicken, baked potato, golden carrot and pumpkin pie for filling your hunger bar

Dave l Racing Rivals Petri Dish and more says:

Pretty cool! XP

Barry Smith says:

what do you mean about the names?

Oliver Ferguson says:

what update  is it in?

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