Minecraft Tutorials: Overwold Gold/XP Farm [Console Compatible] (XBOX 360/ONE PS3/PS4 PC).

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Hey guys, today i bring you the overworld gold/xp farm, this one is 100% compatible with console editions, although its very intensive on the ammount of obsidian used :/

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brian guzman says:

Thanks for all the tutorials I’ve been watching your vid for a long time
and I have used all of your tutorials because I love redstone the biggest
one I did was the slime farm that was hard but no I have 10 stacks of slime
balls, I just wanna say thanks and keep doing what your doing I’ve been
watching since the beginning I just don’t like to comment but now I am

MDgaming says:

great video!
good quality and sound just the type of videos I enjoy.
keep up the great work.

Bizrebellion82 says:

Sorry guys, but your going to have to mine a lot of obsidian for this one

GunsOfSteel67 says:

Does this still work on console

Tyler Thayer says:

hey biz do you think you could possibly do this design for the mob

Awesome4261 says:

Do caves effect this should i build it in the air?

David Brown says:

I play ps3, will this work and do I build it in the nether or in my normal
world??,,, great video glad I’m a subscriber keep it up

McKracken says:

Gonna try this out the gold will help with my shiny new beacon! 😀 also
curious to see what it looks like Netherside! :)

Awesome4261 says:

Can i make another layer?

Paul Evans says:

I built this farm in my survival world on xbox one it does work.it is slow
but it works.

BoDBossOfDubstepBoD says:

+Bizrebellion82 To increase the efficiency, would i be able to add another
layer of portals? 

OfficalNathanielalayo says:

THanks biz :)

MC Pick says:

Biz, Another excellent tutorial. I don’t know about mining that much
obsidian though I survival mode though, Yikes! Thanks for sharing it
though, it is a great design!

Axel Ramirez says:

Does it work in the nether

James Gordon says:

Can’t comment on your last vid about new computer, can’t wait to see new
tutorials and your fiancé is awesome 🙂 

x4ulz4n says:

I’m going to attempt this one in my survival world. Ive built an obsidian
generator right next to where I plan to build this, due to the ridiculous
amount needed.

adam timms says:

biz can you make a tutorial for a fully afk fish farm for consoles

Zechariah Larson says:

After afking it for 2 hours I got 4 gold blocks worth of nuggets … Pretty
good if you think about how Xbox 360 spawn mechanics work

WereTheMobz says:

I’m probably going to use this

Kameron Stikeleather says:

How much gold is this a hour?

brian guzman says:

I made an xp farm at sky limit and it works amazing

Jordan Miller says:

Man that is impressive

Rocket Men says:



naaa this time you getting subed (:

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