Minecraft Tutorials: Strip Mining “Mining My Way!” ;)

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Mac n Steez says:

You really do want to cover 3 blocks. Sacrificing the middle is ultimately
beneficial when you consider ground covered and the idea that a 1×1
vertical vein of diamonds is comparatively rare.

NimminGamesThirteen M. says:

Considering you have full diamond tools and enchants, this seems to be VERY

Frarahktherahkshi says:

A intresting video! =D I just use to mine down to 12 or 11 becuz I just
find lava at 10. just a tip to not get burned ;)

Mrs. Ender says:

thank you so much oh great wise one! i will try this.

mare care says:

That isn’t stripmineing it’s branchmining…

LuminatX says:

this is branch mining, not strip mining xD

King J says:

I do 3 blocks in the middle and found almost 6 stacks diamonds today used
fortune 3 tough ;)

Brosephstalin says:

starts at 2:00 youre welcome

Tom Gossen says:

Thx!!!!!!! very much! i Found 2x diamonds that = 8 diamonds and i founded
64 redstone and 2 gold

derpfoxNLSGKLE says:

Omg thnk u so much :)

Antonio Verdera says:

Just wondering, how far do you usually dig those tunnels? 

The Thinkers says:

Look at 5:41 

Tom Gossen says:

it was 3 gold xD

Matt Bryan says:

Thanks helped alot

TheRealAsianHero Valiance says:

Johnny, check your map, the Y coordinates, in the top left.

Lewis Shaw says:

Which texture pack is that?

Jonny Kilvington says:

how do you find out how high you are on the xbox?

Rorkstar Mason says:

Very helpful. MAKE MORE!

Soonzuh says:

This is not strip mining.

Katie Elise says:

I do 5-7 above bedrock personaly 

CapnBowTie says:

Thank you for helping and enjoying me as always, Cyanide 😀

brenden baxter says:

sadly xbox edition does not have the cords

EPiCGAM3Z says:

This weekend probably 🙂

xDiamondBlade says:

You explain very clearly 🙂

thatcoolguy987 says:

I love that way epic 🙂

Stijn Veenman says:

U are the seccond nicest streamer i know(first one is not me)

neoaustin164 says:

a map will show the cords in xbox edition

ReX MC says:


Tadomeku Jikazushikikuzu says:

Cy,What is the seed for this map?

Drew Potvin says:

thanks for the tut.

MJ1234765 says:

strip mining is good for only getting diamonds in my opinion. You’ll get a
lot more resources going in caves because all the materials are their for
you and you wont shred through pickaxes so fast.

theawesomeleprechaun says:

what is ur minecraft username

MarmaLab says:


JEMknight657 says:

liked from livestream 🙂

987Theawesome says:

You sir make good videos. I subscribe, ME GUSTA!

portadorde nanismo says:


Andrew Frye says:

I usually mine on layer 12 so that the lava is just below me. I die a LOT
less often from that dang lava.

idiotandhorror says:

It’s a texture pack. Or as in 1.6.2, Resource packs!

legend ary says:

please tell me background music

987Theawesome says:

Actually, the best levels are 10, 11 and 12.

andrhp87 says:

Nice video, I will definitely try this!

Alexander Rojas says:

I thought that was branch mining.

Unknown Ducky says:


ThePlazmapower says:

Thnks I give you rating infinite diamonds

Leonardo Morconi says:

Dude! Thank-you so much! Literally, I started doing 1 single strip and
found six diamonds! Thanks!!!

phillerstusing says:

Level 10is is a VERY successful level for strip mining for me. Also I have
a fortune 3 package too and that can give me up to SEVEN diamonds for one
block if ore.

Michael McCormack says:

Thanks good tutorial

EPiCGAM3Z says:

Awesome! 🙂

jamestotte007 says:

i want cow monument!

HE Skates says:

Sphax bdcraft is the best texture pack i love it!!!

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