Minecraft Tutorials – Super Efficient Strip Mining With TNT

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Please…eliminate the bad mines near you…

New version (much better): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlX1hjpv–A


Hoonicorn Boi says:

That a good tnt mine one but its not efficen

LukeDeLegoGuy 101 says:

The 2 by 2 is better and quicker also u don’t need to use so much materials to craft tnt also u don’t risking blowing up ors

christopher frailey says:

Thats awsome !

biddy law says:

What I do this when I first time play minecraft

Cl Bong says:

2×2 dum shitt

Sarah Coggeshall says:

Guys honestly this is the best I did this and came out with 2 stacks and I was only doing it for 20 ish minutes I mean you can MAYBE get 2 stacks if your mining for 3 hours and you have fortune 3 but… just sayin

Ethan Barlow says:

This guy is stupid

Ellie Sun says:


Silas Wheedleton says:

Very helpful, thank you

TwinTech says:

Imo, this is a very bad way of mining, just blows up too much ore. Regular branch mining is much better

Lord Zarecon says:

this way you can blow up a lot pf diamonds you better strip mine and then mine as far as you can see to the left and right then leave 2 blocks mining forwars and then again

Nae Nae says:

in the new version of minecraft it doesnt do that cub

Kalpesh Bhoir says:

I think this method is mostly efficient in case you are making underground spawner farm especially slime farm. I will try this TNT mining for my slime farm. 🙂

waldoman7 says:

just spent 55 TNT with this method. MAYBE it was faster than just mining with a diamond axe. maybe. fact is TNT mining is pretty useless.

Mathias Ullehus says:

X[ ][ ]X[ ][ ]X[ ][ ]X[ ]
X[ ][ ]X[ ][ ]X[ ][ ]X[ ]
[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
[ ]X[ ][ ]X[ ][ ]X[ ][ ]X
[ ]X[ ][ ]X[ ][ ]X[ ][ ]X
(Seen from the front)

This is how I mine, and that's what I've found to be the most efficiant (if you do want to mine in a pattern ) Because you get to see all ores around you. The only way you might miss some ores, if if it's only a signle ore under a wall

Battle Dragon says:

Random question: wouldn't the tnt destroy the some of precious valuables ex: daimond, gold?

Andrew Tavares says:

not efficient at all

Ace Gaming says:

What if it blew up ores

Aleks Lau says:

nice video

But i would like to spend my time on getting an enchanted pick rather for mining than gather gunpowder for TNT

Vance Presson says:

I do not understand your logic.  The 1×2 every skipping 2 blocks exposes every single block of ore  For example start your first tunnel at level 9/8 skip 11/10 then build your next at 13/12  At that point you are not skipping a single block.

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