Minecraft Tutorials – Villager Minecart Sorting System (Works in 1.12)

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Gr3atsaga says:

While I have found a better system, and modified it slightly myself, I applaud you for actually having a "villager sorter" that is actually a villager sorter. Too often I find videos about "villager sorters" that is nothing but a mere machine for transporting villagers from the breeder into separate pods – which isn't a sorter.

Zyor Taelon says:

Somehow the cart with the villager creaps into the block that's on the piston killing the villager…

Dan McKee says:

Simple. Elegant. Brilliant. Fantastic stuff Clare.

MR False says:

wanna join a priavte mine craft server survival

Merel Spaans says:

Thanks! Great explaination

Tricia Cote says:

So simple and effective. Thank you so much. Just what I needed! Keep up the great work!

TheRodentMastermind says:

I think you could use 2 droppers pointing into each other, a button and a detector rail to automatically reset the kill switch so it only kills 1 villager

Daniel Ochi says:

I made an improvement of your version. Hope you like it. https://www.mediafire.com/?km8v3lirlqwljag

SimpleSounds - No Copyright Music says:

Great Video

alex howard says:

Awsome made my breeder and sorter on this design really gooooooood x

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