5 Minecraft Life Hacks that will blow your mind! Things that you may not know about Minecraft Console Edition. Mainly Themed for the Minecraft Console Edition! ► SUBSCRIBE! – http://bit.ly/1qJNjdU Today’s Video: 5 MINECRAFT LIFE HACKS THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! (Minecraft TU55 Console Edition) Other Minecraft Videos on My Channel: How To Spawn DEADPOOL In Minecraft Pocket Edition! (Marvel Addon) http://y2u.be/n4aGFE49eM8 How To Spawn COLOSSAL TITAN in Minecraft Pocket Edition (Attack On Titan Addon) http://y2u.be/q7ATlHkEcT8 How To Spawn GODZILLA in Minecraft Pocket Edition (Godzilla Addon) http://y2u.be/J_NnyZi8RrY WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T SPAWN THIS IN… (Minecraft TU53 Console Edition) http://y2u.be/0eoQu2D98cQ Minecraft [More]