Download the song! People involved in this project: Steven – Animaton Pedro – Music Production/Arrangement SkyDoesMinecraft – Vocals Bootstrap Buckaroo – Assets/Rigs Chase – Recording Engineer/Mastering Programs used: Autodesk Maya Adobe After Effects Adobe Premiere Adobe Photoshop Logic Studio X Native Instruments Komplete Protools Lyrics: First I opened my eyes Then I felt such a strange breeze I had traveled to a world made of blocks Totally unbeknownst to me When you play Mine, Mine, Minecraft Mine, Mine, Minecraft Mine, Mine, Minecraft Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh There were animals all [More]
Download the song! Wanna know what happens next? Watch the sequels! Take Back the Night: Find the Pieces: Dragonhearted: Songs playlist ► The people involved: TryHardNinja – Vocals: Bootstrap Buckaroo – Modeling, rigging, and lead animation: FyreUK – Set design and construction: Doc Exx Music – Audio production: Captain Sparklez – Writing, directing, assistant in animation: Jerry Farley – Vocal engineering and mastering Original by Coldplay Programs used: Maya After Effects Vegas Photoshop Pro Tools Lyrics: I used to rule the world Chunks would load when I gave the [More]