How to Survive and Thrive in Minecraft! In this episode, we go “fishing” for rare Music Discs (AKA albums) by luring skeletons to kill creepers! We also craft a Jukebox to play our music discs so that we can take a load off and enjoy the fruits of our labor! Download this tutorial world: or create it from scratch: Time lapse song is “Power Juice” by PacDV @ WEB: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Get Minecraft here: In this episode you will learn: – how to craft a jukebox – how to acquire music discs – [More]
Tutorial for Minecraft. In this episode I head down to the caverns, grab some Diamond and show how to use it to craft a Jukebox. Then it’s back to the surface to get a Record from a Creeper. Sadly, I made a tactical error and then ran out of time! (hint: I got the Record in Part 18 though!) Subscribe for more: BLOG: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: YOUTUBE: FAQ: Get Minecraft here: