The Mountain Cave is the biggest LEGO Minecraft set ever, and it’s absolutely packed full of secret features! Join us as we reveal some of the best bits.
Today I attempt building an epic Minecraft castle into the side of a mountain. This being my first ever time doing this, I wanted to focus more on the scene and less on the small details. This was truly just me experimenting with an idea so, I hope you like it and Let’s try to get this video to 2000 Likes and maybe share with a friend or two! Follow Me on Twitter and Instagram If you want to see content early before I release them to youtube!! Twitter: Instagram: If you want to be super helpful, [More]
Minecraft EPIC mountain seed! It’s HUGE! It works in Minecraft 1.8.3 / 1.8 / 1.7 Seed is: -7647331439552997597 View post on Coordinates: X: -1910 Y: 70 Z: 3095 So just follow those coordinates and you will find this HUUUUGE mountain! It has waterfalls and lava! I used shaders mod: SONG: CMA – You’re Free ► SUBSCRIBE! ► BEST Minecraft seeds: ► EPIC Minecraft cinematics:
So, Joe, (swatcatinc), went off to have dinner in the form of chicken kiev. Having come rejoined the skype call, i found Aidan (SadSack) placing an awfully large amount of TNT on a hill. A Large hill. So i helped him. And then Militantmang0 (Mischa) joined. And it was completed. And then we called Joe over. This is the story of such an occasion. Based on the book by Andy McNab, Tom Cruise IS. DRIVE ANGRY.