Today PDK Films brings you Nerf Squad 6: Drug Bust. This is the 6th video of the Nerf Squad series. Nerf Squad is a team of highly trained soldiers that’s called in to complete various missions. In this mission, Nerf Squad must destroy a Taliban position that is suspected of housing large amounts of drugs. Enjoy and stay tuned for more Nerf Squad videos. If you liked this video please leave us a comment, like, or favorite, and remember to subscribe for more awesome videos! Social Media Links: Facebook Google+ Twitter Instagram Be sure to follow [More]
Villagers are much safer in Minecraft 1.8, but the Zombies have a secret new leader! Discovered by ridddle, a new value called “CanBreakDoors” makes it so that even on Hard difficulty most Zombies only break doors about 1-2% of time. The new Zombie Leader rare mob spawn makes up for this however, with more health, increased reinforcements, & guaranteed door breaking for leading village zombie sieges. Thanks for watching guys…new 1.9 snapshots are on the way soon! Hey! I’m Adam (aka Swimming Bird) & I play games every day for you guys to watch. I try my best to read [More]