Download the song! People involved in this project: Steven – Animaton Pedro – Music Production/Arrangement SkyDoesMinecraft – Vocals Bootstrap Buckaroo – Assets/Rigs Chase – Recording Engineer/Mastering Programs used: Autodesk Maya Adobe After Effects Adobe Premiere Adobe Photoshop Logic Studio X Native Instruments Komplete Protools Lyrics: First I opened my eyes Then I felt such a strange breeze I had traveled to a world made of blocks Totally unbeknownst to me When you play Mine, Mine, Minecraft Mine, Mine, Minecraft Mine, Mine, Minecraft Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh There were animals all [More]
Epic Minecraft Parkour Paradise Map with Bajan Canadian and Nooch! Over 100 Levels of super fun Parkour turns this video into a Movie Length Edition of Parkour in Minecraft in Paradise 😉 Hit that LIKE button if you enjoyed this and let us know in the comments what we should play next time! #HeadBumpinJumps Check out Mat’s Channel: Get this Map: ► My Website: ► Twitter: ► Instagram: ► Facebook: ► PoshLifeClothing:
Seed is -149110687 Default biomes This seed will have you underground for many many hours in some of the best caves Iv”e ever seen in Minecraft! All features are very close to spawn as well. You will spawn in a nice forest biome near an extreme hills, jungle, and desert biome. X= 160 Y= 60 Z= 160 is a 2 story crater in the side of the forest biome and it connects to a cave that brings you to a massive cave system that instantly goes down to lava level with exposed diamonds and tons of side caves and offshoots. [More]
Matt and Steve continue their adventure, finding paradise islands full of horses and wonder. PREVIOUS EPISODE: Play this Minecraft Adventure Map by ICrafting for yourself! Like, favourite and subscribe, show your friends and we’ll keep updating with new videos on our projects, it would help us out a lot. Links: OR Google Plus! (To check out Minecraft servers like ours use our referral link: )