Minecraft Xbox 360 / PS3 – 16 Tips You NEED To Know

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16 Things you should be aware of For Minecraft Xbox 360, Minecraft Xbox One & Minecraft Nintendo Switch! As well as Minecraft PS3, Minecraft PS4 & Minecraft PS Vita, & Minecraft Wii U edition

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Zenki Pokemaster4ever says:

Toycat ive watched you for 2 years

Pika Crafter says:

its not my ?

give me likes

Captain Lego-Head says:

In the new update loads of new features cross play mods more maps command blocks and lots more anyway
unfortunately you will lose amplified worlds it's sad right NO
You can keep this feature by making an amplified world now and save it as uplifted world then just wait for the update and sync you worlds congrats you just got amplified worlds in better together update

Supervideo guy says:

Toycat I found a minecraft seed with 3 woodland mansions!

They're at:
X= -287 Y=74 Z=47
X= -367 Y=66 Z= -241
X=161 Y=71 Z= -351

Seed: -935181383804030824

Jeremy on crackers says:

Steak is actually the best saturation golden carrots are good but just for potions. It's a common misconception

Mcv Master says:

Build our machine in my bendy map

Bryan__sniperrife says:

Hey Toycat I got A tip that you can destroy Item using Cactus!

Jamal Akhter says:

Please notice this ibxtoycat I've never been noticed by any YouTuber apart from my friend so please see my qna if you haven't #qna how come ps4 don't want to allow crossplay I know it adds numbers to Xbox live accounts but it is better then making a bunch of people permanently switch to Xbox so why do they refuse they would still have more people than Xbox and they will have the fact that they gave Xbox some million accounts

Jesus Olivares says:

The ice below soul sand doesn't work in mcpe last time I checked

Micah Frye says:

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the sorrow child says:

Toycat is the best Minecraft YouTuber in my opinion he is real seems the most honest

Wyatt Pentz Animations says:

I will put a coaldren over the hopper, and use it as a trash can.

Kidzgaming077 TRGS says:

Hey guess what?

Read More

Angel Fernando Vega says:

I think i hace seen like 85 % Oficina Your vídeos

Danomite Media Productions says:

I got a minecraft ad

GaNgOuTrAge says:

with toycat, I like the video before I watch it <3

Mason Schwarting says:

Glass actually absorbs explosion damage

Sami The Beanie Boo Fish says:

To go even slower drink slowness potion

Targeted Fox says:

Toycat you can go fast in boats on pe now in the latest update.

the minecrafter destroyer says:

I was at school when this was uploaded

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