Minecraft Xbox 360 / PS3 – Secret Building Blocks

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Secret Building Blocks For Minecraft Xbox 360, Minecraft Xbox One & Minecraft Wii U! As well as Minecraft PS3, Minecraft PS4 & Minecraft PS Vita

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Bcrcoolguy 04 says:

WAIT… you can make a GOOD-LOOKING computer with armor stands (because they are entities, they can sometimes be seen while being covered with two blocks stacked vertically).

Bcrcoolguy 04 says:

Soon they will remove coco beans because EARTH is running out of chocolate ),:

Holy Potatos says:

literally none of these are a secret

TheCookieEnator says:

omg change the intro already

QwertyPvP 2 says:

How are these secrets

Charlie Laidlaw says:

maybe in the next update if you drop the egg from a high height it will hatch

Jordan Perry says:

I have a cat LOL your my cat LoL

Paige Grogan says:

boooooooooooooooo YOU SUCK

GavaDavaGavin Games says:

Dat papyrus doe

Dr. Gaster says:

just realised you use bonetrousle as ur outro

Arctic DREEMURR says:


SM06 // SockMonkey06 says:

Legend has it that if you comment ibxtoycat will not respond

Anikin Martinez says:

i already knew about the egg and the portal and you can break the inside of the portal

Maisa Halaseh says:

I hax Mc with 3 blocks in 1 block!

Jeremiah Pendleton says:

ibx i would also like to mention that creating a fire, turning off fire spreads and placing a carpet on top of it makes a smoke particle effect and an nearly invisible light source you might be able to skip the first step.

Golden Shiro says:

well you are playing on xbox one Edition XD

kellie smy says:

wen I started playing minecraft ps 3 I thought they were lights I'm talking about cocoa beans

Justin Han says:

I already know about the end portal

mudkip maverik says:

You can have the anvils fall on each other

Golden Gaming says:

its not making damaged anvils because the pressure pad breaks it before it lands

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