Minecraft Xbox 360 + PS3 Silk Touch Tutorial – Secret Blocks Enchantment Guide

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A guide on Secret blocks and silk touch for Minecraft Xbox 360, Minecraft Xbox One as well as Minecraft PS3 and Minecraft PS4 (and PS Vita of course)

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Conor Martin says:

You spelt enchantment wrong in the title

Player One says:

You spelt enchantment wrong in the title.

SilverGaming! says:


Jlee Wolf says:

#Q and a why don’t you show us your hide and seek videos
also what are you most looking forward to in the next update

Jacob Bailey says:

Can you get a mob spawner using silk touch? 

The block King says:

#qna what are u looking forward to in the next update?

ResultsMayVaryy says:

Could you make a video showcasing your glass/stone/emerald towers? They
look really cool!

Callum Smith says:

25 views 27 likes


Patrick McGinnes says:

You missed the incredibly useful feature.

You can silk touch a bunch of Nether Ore, and then put them in a chest, and
when ever you need exp, just mine the Nether Ore safely. So for people
without a mob farming setup, it’s a big help.

The Quacking Gamer says:

Now your pickaxe is telling us to follow you toycat!

Zuzanna Wesolowska says:

I learned about the fortune stuff from u!

thank you!

Lucky Xbox 7 says:

Wtf only 1 view?! C’mon Youtube xD

Michael Gomez Jr says:

i learned that the different mushroom blocks dont stack!Great vid Toycat!

halo boy shocker says:

+ibxtoycat tu23 is out for pocket edition

Joshua Gopal says:

Mushroom block was in creative mode but now it’s not

Kgamr says:

You can also use it to mine clay blocks, and stone so you don’t have to use
coal to heat it in the furnace 

Ben Addlesee says:

LOL Toycat Epic video !!! PS : )

Lina Pham says:

I’m confused I could put it on the sword (silk touch)

I AM Magnavox670 Gaming says:

FUNFACT: Mushroom blocks can be used as fuel for furnaces

Diego JImenez says:

Do a fortune enchantment guide pls

skylarmccreary says:

Toycat can you play xbox whith me right know pleas

Brandon The Fan Guy says:

If they ever do add silktouch to swords, it would probably just give you
mob heads.

Lightning Tiger says:

Do u have tips to be a good commentator? PLZ!!!

Larry Ball says:

Is that the Petronas Twin Towers? 

songbirdo says:

Don’t forget, silk touch = portable ender chest.

TheAlphaWolf says:

I learned that you could get lit redstone lamps and that you could gather
cobwebs. Thanks ibxtoycat! <3

Aron Felix says:

Btw why people fighting for 1st lol. Btw this is the earliest from release
vid I watched. I think.

Kasey Tompkins says:

under 301+ club!

minasyeda says:

spelt enchantment wrong btw

Dominic Mckeon says:

I can put silk touch on my swords

Techjet30 says:

Toy at do on pocket edition seed diamond seed dig under spawn and there are
49 diamonds

Abel Soto says:

you can use the mushroom blocks in a furnace as fuel

Deborah Escobedo says:

I’m VideoDread that send you the message on Xbox my gamer tag is VideoDread


Love your outro theme song. Thanks for the video

Stampy and squid lover 2004 says:

Take a look at this video on YouTube: this is pretty cool

XOXO_Morgan_XOXO says:

I learnt about the cobwebs 

XxCockatielsxX says:

I didn’t even watch the vid coz I knew it was gonna be cool anyways and I
left a like 

imhahadead7777 says:

a neat thing about the mooshroom block is that it catches on fire but puts
itself out and doesnt burn away like normal flamable blocks

Lj Balk says:

#QNA is there ever going to be a new texerpack

Mario Bro. says:

can we be friends on xbox? i have minecraft !

mere green says:

can you do a you dont know thing

Meek C says:

I mean 18th

Scoonbaboon says:

I always use it for glowstone, since there’s a chance they won’t drop
enough glow dust with a normal pickaxe

cRUMp NFK says:

Lol *Enchantment 

Fayzal Hossain says:

Hello haha yoyo

John Peterson says:

I had a silk Soch sword ones

Ahmed Gharbia says:

41st view and 16th comment

mick kirby says:

U can Brun the mushroom in a fun is

Kaleb Kirk says:

How is that possible

Scratty Ratty says:

You can mine glass as well

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