Minecraft Xbox 360 / PS3 – Top 5 SECRET Mansion Rooms

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The top 5 SECRET Mansion rooms For Minecraft Xbox 360, Minecraft Xbox One & Minecraft Nintendo Switch! As well as Minecraft PS3, Minecraft PS4 & Minecraft PS Vita, & Minecraft Wii U edition

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Ethan Mucciarone says:

I found a diamond hoe LOL

jami pie says:

first time at a woodland mansion

Sisters name look! We go inside we explore we find a giant cat and we burn the place to the ground

Abigail Aynsley says:

toy cat in the statue of the mob that gives you the totem of undieing there is a lapis lazuli block

David Hoppman says:

there is also a room that u have to knock down the wood off the door

Ronan Wong says:

Im going to use my cat statue to build a giant cat at my base

HEXO Dramatic says:

who would burn down a mansion it's a free house XD seriously spend some time putting torches and free house Xd

Walter Sharman says:

the banner I first saw it and was like something is missing boom found it

Walter Sharman says:

u once found a secret iron axe with efficentcy 1 on it

Phoenix 29 says:

Did anyone else think toycat said 'gold nipples' XD

Jaroslav Nassedkin says:

ur voice is fkn annoying

The Chomper Pizza Assistant Manager says:

The chicken room is better than the cat room

Devon Beaumont says:

I need help in my world my mansion doesn't have evokers or indicators or an end city

Jacob Sommers says:

You can always tell if there is a room by looking at the pattern on the wall. If it is 6 blocks of wood in the form of a cross with a wooden plank in the middle, there is a room on one or both sides of the wall. Even hidden rooms will have the pattern on the wall.

JChandsome says:

slow down toycat and you should try rap god

Meteor Cat YT Playz says:

its my birthday!!!

austin wilson says:

So… What can you all hold in your left hand in Xbox one?

The Master Block says:

Ohh well i am an enderman so i love picking up blocks, i am the master block

Luke Kang says:

I literally found one of the obsidian things and just went past it

XTREMEkings says:

ibxtoycat I have the new Glide Maps

shark raptor says:

how is he on console and uses 2 hands to hold items how does he do that?

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